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mine_forever's Journal

Mine Forever
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Welcome to yet another claiming community: Mine Forever. Join here to claim the bishounen/shoujo that you want forever belonging to you. First, the rules:

1) ANIME/MANGA/VIDEO GAME characters ONLY! No real people/cartoon characters/book characters. Not acceptable.
2) First 10 members get 4 claims. Moderator gets as many as he/she desires. After 10 members, the rest get 2.
3) Please post your claim in the journal. Do not post your claim in the comments box.
4) Check the claims list to see wether your character/s were taken. If your character/s was taken, claim another one. First come, first serve.
5) Please specify where your character/s come from.(what anime? manga? v.game?)
6) No flames/fighting. You will banned if this happens.

Failure to follow these rules will result in ignorance of your claim. Join,Claim and enjoy forever your bishounen/shoujo.

Maintainer: midnightneko/ Yami

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